How to Store Seasonal Clothing Items

How to Store Seasonal Clothing Items

The last of the chilly weather has gone till the fall *fingers crossed* As the temperatures continue to rise it's time to store away those bulky winter clothes. While it may seem like a quick fix to throw all of your clothes in a bin and put it up in the attic or the garage, this may result in you needing to repurchase damaged pieces or spend hours washing smells out of your favorite sweaters. Keep reading to learn how to properly store your winter clothes so that they are ready when the weather inevitably turns cold again in a few months. 

Preparing for Storage

The first step in storing your winter clothes is ensuring that you are storing clothes you will actually wear next season. You don't want to take up space with items that won't be worn again. Donate any items that you didn't wear this past winter.

You should also make sure you are storing your clothes in their best conditions. Make sure all of your items are freshly washed before storing.

Pile of clothes to keep and a pile of clothes to donate

How to Store

The way you should store depends on the clothing item. For sweaters you should fold them and place them in a plastic bin. Don't hang sweaters as this could stretch them out. For winter coats make sure to zip up the zippers and button all buttons. Then fold the coats so they keep their shape. If you have extra space in your closet you can hang them up. For casual shirts and jeans fold or roll them and store in a plastic bin. For shoes and boots use tissue paper to help them keep their shape and store them in plastic bins. Make sure your shoes are both clean and dry before putting them away. 

Where to Store

Store all clothing items in a cool, dry, and dark location. Ensure that the storage location is a temperature-controlled environment. This means that inside a garage or attic are not ideal locations. Top shelves in closets or underneath the bed are the best out-of-the-way locations. 

Folded sweaters in closet

Tips and Tricks

  1. Use vacuum sealed bags to save extra space
  2. Store your clothes in your suitcases if you are not planning on traveling this summer
  3. Clearly label all bins so you can easily find the items you are looking for
  4. Store similar clothing items together to make unpacking easier
  5. Purchase bins with wheels that are made to roll under beds to make use of all available space