Solutions for Everyday Fashion Problems

Solutions for Everyday Fashion Problems

Life can throw so many challenges your way. So don’t make your fashion one of them. Fashion problems can occur at any moment, and you may feel like you are alone with some of every day battles you face when picking out or wearing an outfit. Here is a list of some of the most common fashion problems and how to solve them.

Jeans That are Too Short

Maybe you don’t mind a gap between your shoes and your pants, or maybe it is dependent on the weather. No matter how you feel sometimes the pants are just too short! One way to combat this problem is to wear high ankle boots to close up the gap, this can also create a fun contrast between colors and materials. Another option is to wear high socks or tights.  

short jeans, black boots, shacket leg slightly lifted

Outfit is too Busy

Some outfits just seem to have a little too much of everything. Maybe it’s too many patterns or colors. The first line of defense to solve this problem is to remove an item or two. However, this is not always possible as you may need to layer for the weather. Another way to solve this problem is to neutralize an outfit. Do this by choosing only one of the following: statement texture, statement print, statement jewelry, or loud color.

Button Down Gap

Button down shirts can be a pain. A button-down shirt can be such a classic, crisp, and professional look, until the dreaded button gap. There are a few things you can try to solve this issue. First you can try buying a size up and getting it tailored at the waist and shoulders. If you don’t have the time or the budget for tailoring, try ensuring you have a well fitted bra. If you need a quick fix, double-sided tape can fix a small gap, or using a few safety pins can also help.

New Shoe Blisters

You should be breaking in your new shoes, not having them break you. It’s hard to tell if your new shoes will hurt your feet or not. First, when you are trying on a pair for the first time, walk around for a little bit and notice any areas that are too tight or too loose. Some options to help prevent blisters are an anti-chaffing balm, no show socks, or a cushioned band-aid.

women with blisters from heels

Skirts That Won’t Stay Down

A loose and breezy dress is a summer staple. However, when an actual breeze comes along you may run into a problem. No one wants an unplanned moment of exposure. To solve this problem, you don’t have to cut out flowy dresses and skirts out of your wardrobe. Consider investing in dress weights that can sewn into the hem of a skirt. Another option is to purchase a slip to go under a dress, so a breeze doesn’t leave you feeling so exposed.

Finding Daily Accessories

Accessories are such an important part of your overall look. Accessorizing in the right way can completely change the vibe of an outfit. However, finding the right accessory can be a bit of a problem. The perfect accessories are versatile, comfortable, and affordable. Purchasing simple pieces that complement almost any outfit is going to save you both time when getting ready and money, because you won’t need to go out an find a new accessory for every outfit.

gold ring

Maxis that are too Long

Maxi dresses are such a great versatile and comfortable outfit. You are able to dress them up or wear them in a more casual setting. However, while maxis are made to be long, there is a point where they can become too long and end up looking awkward. The best way to solve this issue is by tucking in the bottom like a hem. Use a safety pin to secure the temporary hem, and make sure all safety pins are hidden on the inside.