How to Layer During the Winter to Spring Transition

How to Layer During the Winter to Spring Transition

Spring is coming! As we begin the transition to warmer weather you will need to start the transition of your wardrobe too. As the spring weather makes its arrival you can expect some warmer days and some chilly nights. Which means layer is more important than ever. Layering with both keep you warm but will also add dimension and detail to your outfits. Ready to learn how to layer like a pro during this transitional period? We have 5 tips for you guaranteed to make you a layering expert!

The Perfect Jacket

A great jacket is an extremely important clothing item when it comes to layering up during early spring. A light jacket (or even two) is a great way to add depth to an outfit and it is sure to keep  you warm during chilly nights or rainy days.

Consider a jean jacket which can pair well with almost any outfit. Whether you want to wear your new favorite dress or a more casual look with leggings and a sweater, a jean jacket can complete the look. A rain jacket is also a must have for the unpredictable spring weather. A lightweight raincoat is easily transportable either around your waist or in your bag. Rain jackets also come in lots of fun colors that can brighten up your outfit on a dreary day. 

Smiling woman wearing a jean jacket, tank top, and leggings

Cardigan + Dress

Spring dresses are one of our favorites! However, in those early weeks of spring it may seem a bit too cold to wear them, especially into the evening. Adding a cardigan or sweater with your dress is the perfect way to keep warm while still wearing your adorable new spring dresses. 

Sweaters and cardigans come in so many different styles and patterns. They can take a simple dress and turn it into the perfect spring look for a picnic or a night out with friends. A cardigan can also easily be tied around the waist for those warmer spring days.

Woman wearing a green dress, gray knit cardigan and holding cheetah print heels

Wear Tights Under Ripped Jeans

Want to start rocking your favorite pair of ripped jeans, but worried you might get too cold? Layering with a pair of leggings or tights underneath is the perfect solutions. Not only will it keep you warm, it will also add more texture and interest to your outfit. 

Consider layering with a patterned or colored leggings or tights. Wear a simple black top with cheetah print leggings and a pair of ripped jeans to take a basic look to the next level. Or pull out your favorite floral or pastel leggings to dress for the season!

Light gray ripped jeans with floral leggings

 Add a Blazer

Blazers are the perfect way to dress up your outfit this spring. A thin blazer will also allow other layering with a heavier coat for those cold nights or a light cardigan during the day. Simple and neutral blazers are great to pair with patterned pants.

Extra tip: Pair with a belt for a different silhouette   

Smiling woman wearing a gray blazer, a blue ruffled tank top, and blue jeans

Wear Spring Colors and Fabrics

Got cabin fever? Even if the weather doesn’t seem like Spring just yet, wearing spring colors is a great way to welcome in the season before the weather starts to warm. Consider purchasing some sweaters or jackets in Spring colors such as pastels, or floral prints. These pieces will be great to layer with and will help you feel like Spring is here even on those chilly days!

Blonde woman wearing a peach v neck t shirt and a brown belt


What’s your favorite way to layer during this transition period? Do you have any pieces that are absolute staples for you during the Spring? We will be adding in our new Spring collection pieces soon, but while you wait check out the last of our Winter collection. We have great sales that are perfect for getting clothes to layer with that won’t break the bank!