How to Dress for the Office in Summer

How to Dress for the Office in Summer

July brings some of the hottest weather of the year. So, you may be struggling to find the perfect outfits for work that are the right combination of professionalism and staying cool. Office dress codes are becoming more casual, which allows you to take more risks with your everyday office style. Keep reading to get some outfit inspiration for the office this summer!


Prints are a fun and unique way to show of your own style. Florals are one of the most popular prints and for good reason; they give a feminine touch while remaining professional and stylish. 

Grab your favorite floral dress and pair it with comfortable sandals and simple earrings for a versatile look that is sure to keep you cool all day. 

black pink and white floral short dress


A minimalist look using linen or other breathable fabrics is one of the best ways to stay cool this summer, while still looking fashionable and professional. Try a jumpsuit and your favorite basic necklace for a classic and comfortable look. A lightweight blazer is also a great minimalist look. 

blonde woman wearing a royal blue jumpsuit


Sometimes simplicity is the key to dressing for success. A monochrome outfit makes you look polished and put together. Dressing in a monochromatic outfit is also a great time to branch out into new colors that you may have been previously scared to try before. You can also always go with black for a timeless look. 

woman in blue monochromatic outfit


Looking to take some fashion risks this summer? Dressing in bold outfits does not mean that you are not still dressed professionally. Try out some unexpected colors or loud prints. You can also add in some statement jewelry pieces into your wardrobe. 

woman in bold yellow pants and a brown top